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About Us

Welcome to Only Fire, where quality is just a few clicks away.

Only Fire is a members only platform for growers, cannapreneurs, medical and recreational consumers.

The Cannabis industry is an exponentially growing market. Where rippers are wholesaling fakes for super low and big money corp dispensaries tax with spiked prices, we offer a solution created "by the people, for the people." We all smoke the same. DANK!

-Pass the Joint-

Customer Satisfaction

Quality Assurance. Reliable. Market price. Consistent. Loyalty rewards program.

Award Winning Strains

Selectively cultivated genetics to bring top tier bud to your front steps. - Check out our in house brand - OnlyFire

Environment Friendly

Go GREEN. No one person, plant, or animal was harmed or injured in the making of these products.

Free Delivery & Domestic Shipping available

Free delivery within the limits. Domestic shipping available, fees may apply.

Our Amazing Team

A bunch of degenerates.

Harmony Heather

Creative Head & Project Lead

Mad stoner and Hippie. Loves listening to reggae and smoking jays.

Skye Feather

Marketing Director

Good weed sells itself. That's it.

Marley Buddha

Brand Designer

I used to draw naked chicks in class, now I make cool designs of strain names. Weed is my calling.

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Home to the ONLYFIRE brand. Flowers grown with love. Taste the buds.

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yall did awesome with the 710 sale.

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Donations from $1-$4000

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